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A word of warning: This blog discusses the various ways in which our culture excuses, normalizes, and sometimes condones rape, sexual assault, and other potentially graphic topics. Please be aware that posts may be upsetting or triggering.
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[TW for non-graphic details of the rape] The deadlocked jurors told the judge they couldn’t agree whether 51-year-old Nicholas Kordas raped a 25-year-old woman in her home while conducting a curfew check at her Guilderland home.

They did find Kordas guilty of official misconduct, a charge punishable up to one year in County Jail.

Kordas was accused of visiting a parolee at her home and raping her, then telling her he would kill her and her family is she told anyone.

His lawyers argued the woman was trying to set up their client so she could sue the state.

No word if there will be a new trial on the rape charge.

Another “imperfect” victim, another rapist set free. Much like the NYPD who keep right on raping, sexual assault by people in a position of power over other people needs to be dealt with severely. This just makes future perpetrators more secure in the knowledge they can get away with it.