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A word of warning: This blog discusses the various ways in which our culture excuses, normalizes, and sometimes condones rape, sexual assault, and other potentially graphic topics. Please be aware that posts may be upsetting or triggering.
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[Trigger warning on the link and the commentary below for rape details]

I hope this woman gets every single penny. This poor woman was so intoxicated that she was vomiting and could hardly walk. The cab driver who took her home called 911 and these monsters showed up. They were called to help her and instead one of them raped her while the other one stood guard. If a person is in a position of power like this—police, judges, etc—and uses that power to rape or otherwise abuse the people they are supposed to protect and serve, I think they deserve the maximum amount of jail time they can get. Disgusting.

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  8. notsexistbut said: Wow, it takes a lot of courage to let people know you were raped by a cop (let alone two cops!)
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    And the police are supposed to protect you.
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