STFU, Rape Culture!

A word of warning: This blog discusses the various ways in which our culture excuses, normalizes, and sometimes condones rape, sexual assault, and other potentially graphic topics. Please be aware that posts may be upsetting or triggering.
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Please message me with additional resources to add, if you know of LGBT friendly organizations.

United States:


National Coalition of Antiviolence Programs has a list of partner organizations that are LGBTQ friendly, many of whom offer resource for sexual assault survivors.

RAINN runs a national hotline (1.800.656.4673; online hotline). Please note: RAINN works with many partner organizations and survivors have reported experiencing transphobia from some of these. If you are trans* please check out the resources below, which have been reported to be trans* friendly.


Bay Area Women Against Rape (Oakland)

Community United Against Violence (San Francisco, LGBTQ specific)

Peace Over Violence (Los Angeles area)

San Francisco Women Against Rape


Center on Halsted (Chicago, specifically for LGBTQ folks)

Rape Victim Advocates (Chicago)


Kansas City Anti-Violence Project (serving western Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa, specifically LGBTQ)


Boston Area Rape Crisis Center

Network/La Red (Boston, LGBTQ specific)


Sexual Violence Center

New York:

Callen-Lorde (NYC)

North Carolina:

The Orange County Rape Crisis Center of North Carolina


Cleveland Rape Crisis Center


Sexual Assault Support Services (Eugene-Springfield)


Pittsburgh Action Against Rape


Safeplace (Austin)


The Northwest Network (Seattle, LGBTQ specific)


Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault


2110 centre for gender advocacy in (Montreal, Quebec)

519 Church Street Community Center (Toronto, Ontario, LGBTQ specific)

Klinic Community Heath Center (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Sandi Merriman House (Victoria, British Columbia, emergency shelter for women, trans* friendly)

Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape

UK (with the exception of the Edinburgh centre, I don’t know how LGBTQ friendly these places are):

Edinburgh Women’s Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre (Edinburgh)

Rape Crisis (England and Wales)(seems oriented toward women and girls specifically)

Survivors UK (London, male survivors specific)

Winchester RASAC: Rape and Sexual Abuse Counselling

There are several other organizations I found that don’t have websites but operate hotlines. You can check out the lists here and here. Further information can also be found here.


This list was compiled using the list at Questioning Transphobia, as well as my personal research, and input from followers of the blog.